Regular/MD Simultaneous Recording

To conserve disc space on a Uniview series NVR, you can enable mixed recording by setting Normal and Event to record simultaneously. Setting this feature will help to conserve disc space by allowing on-the-fly switching between bitrate quality settings. The feature works by changing the bitrate quality between Normal and Event recording when a motion event is triggered. This guide will step you through the process of setting up Normal and Event recording to function simultaneously.

To access this feature, open the main menu and go to: Camera >> Encoding


In the Encoding menu you can switch between Normal and Event in the stream selection box. Any changes made in the quality setting fields (resolution, bitrate, etc.) will save for that particular stream selection.


When setting up Event recording, the changes you make in the settings fields will not affect your settings for Normal recording. For example, when a motion event is triggered, it will automatically change from the quality settings for Normal recording, to the quality settings for Event recording. Being able to change from a lower quality bitrate to a higher quality bitrate on motion events will conserve disc space.


This image shows what the Playback timeline looks like with mixed recording enabled.
Regular recording is green; red indicates a motion event.

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