iMaxCamPro playback remotely or on local machine via web browser

iMaxCamPro playback remotely or on local machine via web browser

Hello and thank you for choosing the exclusive home of iMaxCampro Series of NVR and DVR systems. Today we will review how to view footage on a local computer connected to the same network of your NVR or DVR system or remotely using a web browser.

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Step 1: Enter the IP address of your DVR in a web browser, for playback reasons we recommend you using internet explorer. In this example since we are connected in a LAN (Local Area Network) our DVR IP address is and the port is 8080, if you are not sure what is the IP address of your DVR you can follow this guide. If you are trying to connect remotely you will need the public IP of your DVR or the static IP.


Step 2: Log in. The default username and password are the following.

username: admin

password: admin


Step 3: Once you log in, click the playback tab as shown in the picture.


Step 4: Left click the date you wish to play back and allow the video to load.


Step 5: Highlighted on the image to the right you will see that you can select the single camera window tab and the camera you wish to playback footage from in the drop down menu. If you select the tab with four squares this will attempt to pull four cameras worth of footage.

screenshot.14 - Copy

Step 5: Now in the bottom left hand corner of your screen you can hit play to view the video.