iMaxCamPro Formatting Hard Drive

Here is a how to guide for formatting hard drives for iMaxCamPro devices.

Warning this process will destroy all data currently on the hard drives that you will be formatting. Please be aware that once this process is started you will not be able to recover any data that was on the hard drives. Please proceed with caution. When in doubt back up anything that is currently on the hard drives.

Step 1: Login to the NVR or DVR system from ImaxCamPro. (just for the text version  If you are using the most recent version of this software the login will look like the example on the first tap to the left hand side. If not you should review the second tab on the left hand side entitled ) The default user name and password for the system is 888888 for both the username and the password.


Step 2: Select main menu by right clicking on the screen and at the bottom of the main menu you will see storage. Click on storage.


Step 3: Once on the Storage tab click on HDD Manage. This will show you the disk drives that are available to format. Again please be very careful when formatting your harddrives and please make sure you have backed up any video that you wish to keep as it will not be recoverable.


Step 4: Click on the Harddrive you wish to format if you have multiple hard drives and are not sure which one you want to format we strongly suggest you go ahead and stop this process until you are able to determine which hard drive you wish to format.


Step 5: Once the drive is selected you can click on the format button. This will be the final confirmation to format the hard drive. Once you have selected ok there is no changing your mind.


Step 6: Once you hit ok your cursor will take the shape of an hour glass. The next part you just have to hit apply. This will bring up the next screen you see stating that you have to restart your system.


Step 7: Go ahead and restart your system immediately. This will allow for the hard drive to be reformatted.


This concludes our tutorial on formatting your lcoal hard drive in your nvr or dvr system. Thank you for choosing and have a great day.

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