How to setup EZStation (Windows) with your Uniview NVR

In this guide, we will show you how to configure your UniView NVR to join your existing network using the EZStation program.

Step 1: If you have not installed EZStation already, click here to navigate to the UniView download section and download the latest version of EZStation shown on the page. After EZStation has successfully installed, click on your Windows Start button or tap on your Windows Key. In your Start menu, either start typing “EZStation” or navigate to the EZStation folder and find the shortcut to launch the EZStation application.

Step 2: After launching the EZStation application, it will ask you to login the defualt username and password are listed below.

Default Username: admin

Default Password: 123456

Step 3: Once you log in you will be presented with this grid menu that has different options. Click on “Device Management”

Step 4: In the device management screen there is different options but we are going to focus first on the bottom part, were it shows the “Online Devices” on the local network.

Step 5: In this case we have 2 different devices connected in the same network, a UniView NVR and a GeoVision IP Camera. We are going to select the NVR and click on the check box on the left side.

Step 6: After we check the check box on the left we are going to go ahead an click on the green + sign and click on the ADD option.

Step 7: After we click on the add button/option a login screen will show up asking us to enter the username and password for the NVR, the default username and passwords are the following:

Default Username: admin

Default Password: 123456

After you enter the username and password click on OK.

Step 8: If the username and password were correct, the NVR should show up on the top part of the screen under the “Managed Devices” section and show an ONLINE status.

Step 9: After the NVR is added to the Managed Devices we can go back to the grid menu by pressing the button on the left upper corner.

Step 10: Now that the device is added we can do Live View, Playback, etc.