How To Enable Audio Through HDCVI Cameras in iMaxCamPro NVR’s

This simple guide will show you how to enable live and recorded audio on compatible HDCVI cameras. With this feature you can have cameras with built in microphones carry audio through the coaxial wire.

Your cameras will have live audio as well as recorded audio. This setup is easy being that it only needs a coaxial wire and power for the camera to run audio/video.


Here’s what you need to enable audio on your HDCVI cameras through your iMaxCamPro DVR.

1. Login into your iMaxCamPro DVR



2. Select Main Menu – Camera


3. Select the camera channel you want to enable

If camera number one is the camera you want to enable audio in, select channel one at the top of the configuration.
Change audio source to HDCVI

4. Click apply and Save your Configuration

You will now be able to hear audio from the cameras through your HDMI output and the RCA audio outputs on your iMaxCamPro DVR


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