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Video Surveillance

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IMM12018-1P Optera(TM) IMM 12MP 180ยบ IP Camera with SureVision(TM) 2.0, Indoor, Vandal, Pendant Mount, Minidome, White, microSD, Audio Alarm Relay, Analytics, PoE+ $1,766.37
PMCL655 LED Monitor, Full High Definition, 100 to 240 VAC, 120 Watt, 1920 x 1080 Pixel, 3000:1 Contrast Ratio, 49.2" Length x 2.53" Width x 28.97" Height, Wall Mount $1,719.31
PMCL-CM VESA 1.5 Inch NPR Pipe Threaded, Ball-jointed Ceiling Mount and VESA 1.5 in. NPR Pipe Threaded Head for LCDs up to 90 lb (Pole not Included) $169.24
JP121-1IS Network Camera, IP, Micro Dome, Indoor, Surface Mount, Day/Night, MJPEG, 1 Megapixel, 2.8 MM Fixed, PoE, Plastic Body, Clear Dome $278.50
IMP121-1RS Network Camera, IP, Mini-Dome, Environmental IR, Surface Mount, MJPEG, 1 Megapixel, Autofocus/Motorized, 3 to 10.5 MM Varifocal, PoE, 24 Volt AC, Aluminum Body, Clear Dome $478.05
LD53HDPB-0 Spectra III(TM) Heavy-duty Black Pendant, Smoked Lower Dome $387.28
IMP321-1RS Sarix Professional 2 Environmental IR Dome PoE/24V, 3 MP $649.61
IPSXM-7 Exsite Explosion Proof Camera Systems: 100-240 V AC Power Module $3,912.10
IMP521-1IS Network Camera, IP, Mini-Dome, Indoor, Surface Mount, MJPEG, 5 Megapixel, Autofocus/Motorized, 3 to 10.5 MM Varifocal, PoE, 24 Volt AC/DC, Plastic Body, Clear Dome $620.90
NET5504-US Network Video Encoder, Dual-Stream, 4-Channel, Rack, NTSC/PAL, H.264/MJPEG, 12 Volt DC, Metal/Plastic, Gray Polyester Powder Coated, With United State Power Cord $548.97
HS8080 Enc High-Security Indoor/Moderate Outdoor Ceiling Mount. Aluminum Vandal-Resistant with Hinged Lower Cover and Special Tool to Secure. Lexan Window with Conduit Knockouts On Backbox and Sides $447.20
IBP224-1R Network Camera, IP, Bullet, Environmental IR, MJPEG, 2 Megapixel, Autofocus/Motorized, 12 to 40 MM Varifocal, PoE, 18 to 32 Volt AC/12 Volt DC, Die-Cast Aluminum Body, Clear Dome $620.90
EH4718 Enclosure, Indoor. Medium Aluminum Rectangular Style with Front Hinged Lid and Rear Link-lock Latch. 18 in. Length $328.34
FMCI-PG1M Small Size 1000 Mbps Media Converter $707.87
FMCI-AF1MM1STM Small Size 100 Mbps Media Converter (A), ST Connector, AC/DC Power, Multimode, 1 Fiber $367.25