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Hidden Spy

Hidden Surveillance cameras come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges and can provide some added relief in almost any situation. Whether you are simply trying to prevent vandalism or watch over a careless employee misusing his time.
Some hidden cameras even come cleverly disguised so you can place them anywhere in a home, office or even on yourself. Visible surveillance systems are a good deterrent to crime but allow people to go to further extents to commit their wrong doing away from the eyes of the system. Hidden cameras on the other hand can be placed strategically and covertly so no one knows they are being watched. World eye cam offers a good selection of Hidden Spy Surveillance cameras including car & bike cameras, computer monitoring devices, telephone security & recorders, personal security & safety gadgets and much more. Visit our website today or call one of our friendly customer service agents that would be more than happy to assist in all your surveillance needs.

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Body Worn Cameras 11 Products
Bush Baby Cameras 41 Products
Camsticks 6 Products
Counter Surveillance 11 Products
Covert Cameras 8 Products
Dash Cameras 3 Products
GPS Tracking 8 Products
Key Chain DVRs 4 Products
Lawmate 4 Products
PC Surveillance 2 Products
Pen Recorders 6 Products
Voice Changers 1 Products
Voice Recorders 6 Products
Watch DVRs 6 Products

  SKU Product Sale Price
WECVAUSB4GB VAUSB4GB: Voice Recorder USB 4GB $88.50
$59.00 (Save 33%)
WECVAUSB8GB VAUSB8GB: Voice-Activated USB 8GB $118.50
$79.00 (Save 33%)
WECCDRFLD CDRFLD: Economy Bug Detector with RF and Lens Finder $193.50
$84.95 (Save 56%)
WECMQ300 MQ300: 25-Day Standby Voice Recorder 4GB $223.50
$119.00 (Save 47%)
WECPrmaMQ77N256 PrmaMQ77N256: Black and Silver Recorder Pen 256MB $223.50
$129.99 (Save 42%)
WECMiniClockCam MiniClockCam: Mini Clock Camera* $285.00
$190.00 (Save 33%)
WECMCC720P WECMCC720P: Mini Clock Pro Portable High Definition $285.00
$190.00 (Save 33%)
WECBB2BottleCam30 BB2BottleCam30: Bush Baby Bottled Water Camera 30 Hours $448.50
$299.00 (Save 33%)
WECBB2Outlet BB2Outlet: Bush Baby Hidden Wall Outlet Adapter $448.50
$299.00 (Save 33%)