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Voice Recorders

ForusAC: AC Adapter for Forus Products
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Product #: 84999
$43.50 $29.00
VRUSB4GB: Flash Drive Voice Recorder 4GB
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Product #: 85003
$118.50 $69.95
MiniDVVoice: Mini Voice Recorder
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Product #: 85001
$225.00 $79.95
VRUSB8GB: Flash Drive Voice Recorder 8GB
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Product #: 85004
$133.50 $89.00
HCMP4HD: Video and Voice Recorder with Wireless Charging
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Product #: 85000
$247.50 $108.00
VRSLT: Long Duration Voice Recorder with 8GB Memory
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Product #: 85002
$238.50 $159.00

Voice Recorders

Voice Recorders
WorldEyeCam offers a series of voice recorders to fit a variety of needs. We have hidden voice recorders, disguised to look like power adapters or USB drives, for covert audio surveillance. We also have standard compact, handheld recorders. Each one has plenty of storage space and records high quality audio. We have options for varying recording lengths, styles and functions. Browse our selection to find the best voice recorder for your needs.