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Telephone Voice Recorders

These compact audio recorders can be used to record telephone conversations. The recordings can be used as evidence or as a reference for later. They are simple and easy to use, simply press record at the beginning of the conversation and the device will begin recording. Each device has plenty of storage space and the controls can be adjusted for quality.

  SKU Product Sale Price
WECVoice2GBBlack Voice2GBBlack: Black Telephone Conversation Recording Device 2GB $193.50
$76.70 (Save 60%)
WECVoice4GBBlack Voice4GBBlack: Black Telephone Conversation Recording Device 4GB $225.00
$150.00 (Save 33%)
WECVR166 VR166: Telephone Voice Recorder $148.50
$99.00 (Save 33%)
WECVRBluetooth VRBluetooth: Telephone Voice Recorder with Bluetooth Capabilities $283.50
$189.00 (Save 33%)
WECVRCellPhone VRCellPhone: VR Forus Cell Phone Digital Recorder $193.50
$129.00 (Save 33%)
WECVRF4GB VRF4GB: Forus Telephone Voice Recorder 4GB Memory $238.50
$159.00 (Save 33%)