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Covert Cameras

Covert camera are hidden surveillance cameras that are disguised to look like something else. Each one discreetly records quality footage so you can keep an eye on babysitters, employees or anyone else. We have several options of hidden cameras from coat racks to clocks to wallets. Browse our selection to find the hidden surveillance camera that best fits your needs.

  SKU Product Sale Price
WECSmileDVR SmileDVR: Smiley Button Camera* $133.50
$52.99 (Save 60%)
WECMiniClockEcon MiniClockEcon: Mini Covert Nanny Camera $127.50
$85.00 (Save 33%)
WECMiniClockDeluxe MiniClockDeluxe: Modern Digital Clock Hidden Camera $268.50
$108.95 (Save 59%)
WECHCandroiddock HCandroiddock: Android Phone Charger* $208.50
$139.00 (Save 33%)
WECHCSmokeSD HCSmokeSD: Smoke Detector SD Hidden Camera $268.50
$145.95 (Save 46%)
WECHCACAdapter HCACAdapter: Hidden Camera AC Adapter* $348.00
$159.00 (Save 54%)
WECHCUSBAdapter HCUSBAdapter: USB Adapter Hidden Camera* $283.50
$189.00 (Save 33%)
WECHCUSBAdapter16GB HCUSBAdapter16GB: USB Adapter Hidden Camera 16GB* $328.50
$219.00 (Save 33%)