GV-KINEC-ICM GV-3D People Counter - In-Ceiling Mount for Xtion Pro Live 3D Camera


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The Company offers a complete line of Safety and Security, CCTV, access products. The Model is GV-KINEC-ICM GV-3D People Counter - In-Ceiling Mount for Xtion Pro Live 3D Camera. The GV‐3D People Counter integrates Asus Xtion Pro / Asus Xtion Pro Live to count and analyze the number of people passing by the designated detection area. You can connect the GV‐3D People Counter with a VGA or HDMI monitor for direct display of counting data and configuring device settings through on‐screen display (OSD) menu. GV‐3D People Counter comes with a built‐in Web interface, the GV‐Web Report Lite, for easy setup and looking up people counting data. The product is featured by counts the number of people (In and Out)  Support for HDMI and VGA compatible monitors. IR remote control to configure on‐screen display (OSD) menu.  GV‐Web Report Lite: Web interface to look up people counting data and charts. Support for data compiling and chart analysis on GV‐Web Report.  Audio alarm for traffic in wrong direction and exceeding maximum entries, exits or stays.  Content Designer to customize layout on display monitor.  SDHC card supported.  Must be a reseller of this product as the company is a leading global provider of power and transmission technologies for professional security system applications.

The In-Ceiling Mount is used to mount Asus Xtion Pro / Asus Xtion Pro Live on the ceiling.


  • Cover for in-ceiling mount x 1
  • Magnet x 2
  • Support bracket x 2
  • Black long screw x 2
  • Screw nut x 2

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