GeoVision Combine Multiple Registers on One Camera on Data Capture Box

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Typically, our software allows you to Place one Text Overlay from One register by using the Data Capture Box. By using a change in Network Configuration on the web interface of the Data Capture Box, You can Overlay Two registers onto One Camera. This is useful if you have one Camera pointing at Multiple Registers.


-At least 2 Data Capture Boxes
-Serial or Parallel Printers which connect to the Data Capture Box
-Ethernet connection from the Data Capture Box to the GV-NVR/DVR
-Correct POS Application Settings

How to Overlay Multiple Registers on one Camera

The key to make this work is that you must use the Ethernet Connection Method. When logging into the Web Interface, make sure to specify the gateway of the Data Capture Box as the IP of the Router, not the IP of the DVR. Doing it this way allows you to overlay multiple registers on one camrea. This is useful when you have one camera pointed at multiple registers.

Having Problems in which Multiple Registers Appear on One Camera?

The problem is that it is simply not configured correctly. When Logging in to the Web Interface of the Data Capture Box, Make sure to specify the IP of the DVR/NVR, Not the Router, as the Gateway of the Data Capture Box.

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