2018 Security Products

2019 Security Products

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DualCCPro: Professional Dual Car Cam with GPS Logger
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Product #: 84915
$418.50 $212.99
SportCamEX: Extreme Sport Camera with Water Resistant Case
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Product #: 84916
$330.00 $220.00
CCBullet: Lawmate HD Sports Cam or Car Dash Cam
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Product #: 84911
$448.50 $294.95

Dash Cameras

Dash Cameras

Dash cameras can be attached to a vehicles dashboard and record traffic conditions through the window or monitor conditions inside the vehicle. We offer several monitors with varying resolutions and functions including discreet models that can be disguised as a GPS unit. Dash cameras can be useful for cab and Uber drivers who need to create a safe environment in their cars. They can also be used to record visual evidence in the case of a traffic accident.