CCTV Tools & Accessories

cctv-toolsThe equipments that are used to maintain the CCTV or are included in the kits are the Tools and accessories. The accessories and tools that are the best for you to choose to keep your cameras working fine are:

* DVR lock boxes: The DVR connecters are manufactured by the World Eyecam. They are basically used to protect your surveillance cameras.
* BNC connectors and adaptors: These connectors and power supplies are use to recharge the rechargeable batteries of your security cameras. They are manufactured by NITECK, Platinum Tools, Zodiac and CCI brands.
* Video Baluns (CAT5 Cable use): The Video Baluns to transmit video signals up to 1000ft. The manufacturers of the video balun are Zodiac and MuxLab.
* Indoor Camera Housings: Indoor camera housings add protection and versatility to your CCTV security camera. The manufactures are Bosch and MG Electronics.
* CCTV Monitors: The monitors are attached to the surveillance camera which are use to view. Zodiac is the manufacturer.
* Outdoor Camera Housings: The outdoors cameras are specifically made in a way to secure the exteriors of your home or business. The manufacturers are MG Electronics and LILIN.
* Tools: Tools are the accessories that are used to take care of the surveillance cameras. All types of camera tools are manufactured by EverFocus, Zodiac and Platinum Tools.
* Quads-Multiplexers: CCTV Multiplexer helps you to get a sharper vision, gives you multiple visions at the same time. The manufacturers are World Eyecam, EverFocus and platinum Tools.
* Surges Protection: The surge protection is helpful for electrical devises. The power surge protection protects it from voltage spikes. The manufacturer is NITEK.
* Warning Signs and Stickers: Warning stickers or signs are those which rings an alarm of warnings to the user. Reminds him, some special features about the products. The manufacturers are Cop Professional and World Eyecam.

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