CCTV Cables

CCTV-CableIf you are sure that you want to install a CCTV security camera at your work place or at your home, then you better ensure that CCTV cable that is attached to the cameras is of good quality.

* The simplest form of cable is the pre-fabricated cables. The play and plug means the running of the video and power can be done on one cable itself.
* The most professional cables that are used to secure industries are the Siamese cable. Siamese cables are hardcore copper CCTV cable. It is more effective in passing through power.

CCTV video cable has to be selected properly as it has to be the best to help the camera pass through the images. The CCTV video cable has two factors that rule the selection of it. The place where the cables will be installed, indoor or outdoor and how long you want it for your cameras.

o The CCTV coaxial video cable is made to pass on the utmost energy, 75 ohm to 75 ohms. Video cables features are determined by a certain factors. Shield construction, core material and dielectric material.
o The transmission in the video cables will be seen by the physical environment through which the method is run.
o In ordinary CCTV video cables are of 7750 feet.RG59/U cable is the best choice.

The cctv video cables and the simple cctv cables are found under the brands star CCI, Platinum Tools, NITEK, World Eye cam, ZodiaK and MG Electronics.

Thus it is your choice which brand of cables you will choose to attach with your casmera.

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