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The Best Security Surveillance Systems for Protecting Your Home and Business

Protecting your home and business begins with choosing the best security surveillance systems that enables you to keep a watch and be alert 24 x 7. Do not wait for theft to happen and later feel sorry for yourself.

How do you choose the best security surveillance system for your home and business? In this blog post, we highlight the various types of security surveillance systems.

Security Cameras

There are different types of surveillance cameras for different requirements but the basic purpose remains the same – protecting your property. Most common types are mentioned below:

  • IP Box Camera– These are high resolution network security cameras that offer round the clock video surveillance using features such as electronic day/night or ICR (Infrared Cut Filter Removal).
  • IP Bullet Cameras– These use infrared (IR) LEDs which turn on automatically in low light. It is fit for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Spy Cameras– Also known as hidden cameras, these are surreptitious cameras that record images or footage without being visible. Become a stealthy ninja spy with its humongous features such as audio recording, motion detection, still images and more.
  • IP Dome Cameras– These are used for both, indoor and outdoor use. Opt for a vandal resistant dome camera which is weather-proof.

Security cameras make one of the best security surveillance systems. Few more types include IP Fisheye, IP Pan, Tilt, Zoom and some with HD feature.
DVR & NVRS Video Security Surveillance Systems

DVR (Digital Video Recorders) and NVR (Network Video Recorders) security systems are video recorders that connect with CCTV security systems or IP surveillance cameras, record and play it back when required. Variations – wireless camera connection and remote viewing.

Complete Security Surveillance Systems

You can even build your own safety system based on your requirement. Various security cameras and NVR’s to work together for a high-security measure.

World Eye Cam is a professional security products distribution company offering all types of security surveillance systems like IP 4, 6, 18, 32 camera systems, bullet, box, dome security cameras and Geovision NVR’s and mobile DVR’s. Our clients include HP, Disney, Lexus, Sony, Toyota and other premium brands. Contact us and secure your property today!

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