IP Surveillance Cameras

What Are IP Surveillance Cameras And Why You Should Get One Today?

Defending your property and business are essential if you want to keep them safe. Turn to IP surveillance cameras to deter burglary, and in worst-case scenarios to extract incriminating evidence of crime.

IP surveillance cameras are basically digital video cameras used for surveillance that can send and receive data via a network and the Internet. IP cameras can be set up and used in private residences, small businesses, and even large corporate headquarters.

5 Top Reasons to Equip Your Property with IP Surveillance Cameras

  1. Coaxial Cable Not Necessary: Less cables equals to less mess. An IP surveillance system transmits over network, without the need for software or equipments.
  2. Remote Accessibility: Any recorded data or real time data can be quickly viewed from any location. The cameras are installed over a network and offers easy configuration for remote access. This feature allows the users to login and view the video at any time from any location. This feature of IP surveillance cameras is particularly desirable when you do not have access to your home or property.
  3. Unlimited Cameras: You can install limitless cameras on an IP surveillance network as long as there is enough signal or broadband strength to transmit data.
  4. Cost Effective: Less cables and infrastructure is required for installation, therefore IP surveillance cameras are a low-cost solution than the traditional closed circuit systems (CCTV’s). Nowadays, almost every home and business already have some type of network upon which IP cameras can be installed easily.
  5. Video Management: Recorded videos are easily accessed, reviewed, and scanned in a digital format. It is easily accessible for playback as all the data is digital. This intelligent IP surveillance cameras system responds to pre-programmed commands such as motion detection, audio detection, tampering alarms, and event management.

WorldEyeCam is a premium supplier and manufacturer of IP surveillance cameras. It caters to elite brands like Lexus, Disney, NBC, Dream Works, Revlon and more. Choose one from our prodigious range of IP cameras – Dome, Box, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, Bullet and various HD types.

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