Borescope Camera

borescopesA perfect camera system designed for teaching or checking the warranty claims in various companies. Borescope is commonly used for inspection or keeping a close watch on specific regions which otherwise is not accessible by others. You can use these borescopes cameras for teaching repairing methods, maintenance of vehicles and the small unreachable parts of airplanes.

Borescopes are flexible rigid tubes which have an eyepiece at one end and an objective lens fitted onto the other. These two ends are further linked using an optical system that helps you to easily record things through its camera. The entire system works through the attachment of the coupler with the scope that is used further more for transmitting the captured data. This data is transmitted using a wireless link to your computer or TV set which later displays this recorded information.

The optic borescope camera has a high resolution colored lens that offers you a crystal clear image of the recorded objects. The lens offers you a clear image of all the objects that are as near as ¾ inch or above one foot. The lens captures a forty degree wide view of the objects thus helping you to see every minute detail clearly. The lamp at the end of the tube helps in clearly checking out the crevices of the objects using a simple push button provided on the tube handle. The entire system is hence designed only to offer you a comfortable usage of the product.

The optic borescope cameras provided by ProVision are waterproof and strongly designed using the flexible cable sheathing and high impact ABS. This permits the cable to stay in a single position unless you wish to change it according to your requirements. The price range of these cameras varies from an affordable $299 to about $349.

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