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Surveillance Systems for Restaurants

Restaurants experience a large number of patrons and employees coming through their doors each day. The security issues these businesses face is diverse, from slip and fall injuries to theft to “dine-and-dashers.” Restaurant owners can be faced with heavy monetary losses in false liability claims and theft. Surveillance systems can prevent these types of cases as well as help improve customer service.

Slip and fall cases are perhaps one of the biggest issues restaurateurs face. Employees and patrons who falsely claim slip and fall injuries can demand thousands of dollars and cause insurance rates to go through the roof. With surveillance systems, any reported slip and fall injuries would be recorded and footage can be reviewed to determine if the claims are legitimate. If the claim is false, footage can be submitted to the insurance company and/or lawyers to prevent the restaurant owner from losing money.

These systems can also prevent money loss due to theft. Theft can occur during a holdup or by employees taking money from the cash register. Surveillance systems will capture the perpetrators on camera and with modern high-definition footage the perpetrators can be easily identified, captured and prosecuted. “Dine and dash” is another type of theft restaurants experience where diners leave without paying. With surveillance systems in place, management officials may be able to stop potential thieves before they leave restaurant property.

Surveillance systems can also be used to monitor employee activity. When owners or managers are not on site they can still monitor their employees to ensure the proper procedures are being followed. This can ensure that a high-level of customer service is being reached at all times and help to enforce the sanitary handling of food

With modern IP surveillance systems, footage can be viewed remotely from a PC or smart phone and can even be uploaded directly to the local police station. Restaurant owners can keep an eye on their business even when they are away and quickly provide visual evidence to the police if an incident occurs. With older analog systems, this is not possible. Modern IP systems are also easy to install and require no coaxial cable. Vandalism is always an issue with security cameras. There are many vandal-proof options that are durable and resistant to tampering. While surveillance systems do require a monetary investment to install they can end up saving restaurant owners money in the long run by preventing false liability claims and theft.


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