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Power Supplies

All security cameras will need a power supply. While IP surveillance cameras receive power over an Ethernet cable, analog and HD-over-Coax surveillance cameras will need to be continually connected to an external power supply. There are options for single camera power supplies all the way up to 18 camera power panels. Most systems will use 12V AC power but there are options for DC power and higher voltage.

power supplies

The 12v power supply is compact and easy to use. They are made up of black plastic and have metal pins with one cable and a 2.5 mm hard wiring connector. The 12v is used mostly with wireless cameras or cameras with remotes. You will always need different and separate power supplies for different range of cameras.

It is important to keep your power panel in a safe location where it will be protected from weather and vandals. If your power supply fails then your security cameras will cease to work. The power supply is one of the most vital components of any CCTV surveillance system.

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