Is Security Camera Systems Necessary For Private Areas?

In our previous article “Beware! You are Being Watched” we had talked about the new government policy of installing wireless security camera systems in private areas. Now let us explore the necessity in reality, than in law. Let us see weather installing these systems will help in preventing crime or it is just a new law.

While many organizations and government agencies are continuously installing security camera systems, it is necessary to examine the areas where to install them and choose the type of camera to be installed. As it is easily possible for any criminal to cheat the camera or to damage and destroy it. So it is important to choose the type of camera according to the area and purpose. For example in case of bathrooms and dressing rooms the agencies should install either hidden spy camera or hidden board camera. But, before and after installing a camera system in such private areas it is important to make sure that no one misuses the system for illicit means.

In small spaces and other private areas where it is not possible to visit repeatedly it is better to install vandal proof camera or outdoor security camera. Agencies should also consider the fact that they will have to make the system secure from online intrusions and other physical risks. These security camera systems should always be hidden, so that one doesn’t know if s/he is being watched or not. There are many other factors that should be considered before installing a security camera system in such private areas, but we will talk about them in the next article.

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