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HD-over-Coax Systems

HD-over-Coax is a type of surveillance systems that provide high definition footage and connects via coaxial cable. These systems are widely popular with users looking for a high quality system without breaking the bank. While Network IP systems provide the highest resolution possible, they can be over budget. HD-over-Coax is especially ideal for customers looking to upgrade from Analog because they use the same cabling. There is no need to rewire your system, simply use the existing cable and upgrade your DVR and cameras. There are a few different types of technologies that are HD-over-Coax. These include:

CVI– This technology rivals that of Network IP and HD-SDI systems without costing nearly as much. HD-CVI systems typically capture and display footage in 720p or 1080p resolutions. The cameras and DVR connect via Coaxial (RG59) cable. Both copper core coax cable and copper clad aluminum coax cables perform well with these systems. HD-CVI cameras MUST be used with an HD-CVI DVR. If you are looking for a surveillance system that provides HD footage at an affordable cost then CVI may be the best option for you.

TVI– The TVI technology is very similar to CVI. It provides HD resolution images in 720p or 1080p and transmits over Coaxial cable. TVI and CVI are NOT compatible with one another; users need to pick one technology over the other. CVI has been more widely adopted by the CCTV industry but TVI works just as well.

SDI– High Definition Serial Digital Interface also operates over standard Coaxial cable. These systems provide High Definition surveillance in 720p or 1080p resolutions with footage being recorded on an HD-SDI DVR.

AHD– Analog HD is a higher definition version of the typical analog systems.  AHD is one of the competing technologies available now that can transmit up to 1080p video using existing coaxial cabling. This technology is a good option for users looking to transition their system from analog to high definition. However, it is important to note that analog system are quickly being phased out and replaced with higher definition systems so this technology may not be available for long.

In addition to the cameras and DVR you will also need coaxial cable and connectors. The most common type of Coaxial cable used is RG59. This cable is used to transmit high frequency signals and is also used for cable TV. Signals can typically be sent up to 1500 feet over Coaxial cable and sometimes longer if extenders are being used.

As Analog is phased out it is important for CCTV customers to begin embracing High Definition systems. HD-over-Coax is a great place to start because it is affordable and easy to upgrade. While IP is a favorite of industry experts, most new users will want to start out with HD-over-Coax and work their way up to the higher resolution systems.



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