Features and Benefits of Surveillance Cameras

Bullet cameras are often known as helmet cameras or lipstick cameras. It is waterproof, weather proof, and built to withstand acrid condition of weather. Bullet cameras are also great for CCTV security system because they are low-cost and offer adaptability to any security environment. They are small (2 to 2.5 inches long) and are limited to a fixed focal length lens. These cameras are available in amazing sizes with crystal clear resolution.

The main advantages of bullet cameras are their low cost, and small size with an outstanding feature for visual recording. Sometime, it is installed in helmet for visual recording to view the path with free hand.

For security purpose, the use of dome security cameras is also getting vital. It is known so because of its dome shape structure. These cameras offer high quality video as well as audio recordings in very compact design. It can be installed easily on almost all surfaces. They are available in different variety that can endure harsh condition of environment. Dome security cameras are used indoors as well as outdoors, but for outdoor sue these cameras should be vandal-proof. Usually, this type of camera is best suitable for indoors, not only because it is affordable, but with the feature of 2.5 mini camera it is discrete and can offer crystal clear resolution. During day it transmits the color and in night it switches to black & white in-order to make the picture of best quality.

Some video surveillance cameras with quite a high quality lens are used as an effective tool for security. Such surveillance camera systems are well known in crime prevention. Parking lots and public transpiration areas use mainly video security cameras to decrease the crimes. Getting these cameras installed can help in preventing crimes all over.

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