Dome Security Camera

dome-security-cameraThe indoor dome camera has the zooming system. Indoor dome security cameras need a receiver and a keyboard to function the PTZ. Most of the indoor cameras can view area and location. It has the alarm system that trigger to persuade all the movements done by the Dome security camera.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. Dome camera is also used as CCTV in malls and multiplexes these days, known as CCTV dome camera. These types of cameras are easy to set in closed rooms as they can fit in any corner and have adjustable lenses.

CCTV dome camera price currently start at $3 for a small steel design, while a midsize version in aluminum can go up to $8. Mounting brackets for dome cameras are between $5 and $8. Sony, Zodiak, Intellipix are the best picks for high resolution dome camera brands.

Indoor dome camera and the CCTV dome camera both have a very fragile exterior but are strong and sturdy when you use them. The domes are not only vandal and tamper resistant but puncture-proof as well. They easy to use durable and a “must have” for security purpose.

The Indoor dome camera or CCTV dome security camera have both day and night feature in it. A mini version of both kinds of cameras with the resolution of 540 TVL has this feature too.

Progressive Scan is a feature that is present in both CCTV camera and simple indoor dome camera. The Indoor Dome security Cameras that you should choose should be between 9 to 22 mm lenses of varifocal and 3 to 9.5 mm. your power for the fixed lenses should be of 3.6,6,8 and 12 mm.

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