Covert Cameras

covert-camerasCovert hidden cameras designed in the structure of books, clocks, air purifiers or smoke detectors are one of the hot purchases today. The increasing crime rates all across the world is what pushes people to securing their homes and offices with these hidden covert security camera systems.

The covert wireless camera is commonly found hidden in the computer speakers, day planners, or even the desk-lamps with the sole aim to catch any unwanted movement inside or outside your premises. The best part being, you can capture every small and large movement without the person knowing about it. The ever increasing use of these hidden cameras has resulted into a number of companies manufacturing them with varying features. Amongst all, Sperry West is one renowned brand that offers you a wide list of covert security camera systems.

Covert wireless camera in the form of smoke detectors designed by Sperry West is one widely used product. The smoke detector covert cameras are installed in the ceiling facing down towards the floor. These detectors contain a small pinhole camera within them which focus directly downwards giving you a nice and clear seventy degree vision of the entire area. These cameras offer you a clear vision of the surrounding area even in low light (as low as 0.1 LUX). The products are available in both simple (black and white) and colored forms. This hence helps you to keep a constant check on your most loved assets and securing them from crooks.

Apart from the ones facing downwards, you can also find the side facing covert cameras in the form of smoke detectors along with the other clock, computer speaker, pencil sharpener shaped, etc. patterns. The cost of these cameras varies from an affordable amount of $180 to as high as $592. Hence, you can easily keep a close check on your home and office through these covert security camera systems.

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