Convert Your Old & Outdated Android Phones into a Security Camera Monitor

Ever heard of a cordless security camera monitor? Well if not, then you should probably know about it. As your own lovely old and outdated Android phone can now be converted into one such security camera monitor. With the monitor you can keep an eye on your property and also control the camera system, you can help prevent your home from theft and vandalism by calling Police as you spot anything suspicious.

Before you set to do so, you should first get some good quality IP security camera. And make sure that the complete security camera system is wireless and if possible also WiFi enabled. Once you have the camera system installed you can do the further process and connect it to your Android phone monitor.

Here is how you can convert your Android phone into a security camera monitor.

  • Firstly, download and install “IP Webcam” software. You can buy and download this software from Worldeyecam.

  • Now set your choice of image quality and resolution

  • Create a user id and password

Once you are done with installing this application you need to keep certain things in mind.

  • See the camera preview and confirm your camera angles and other technicalities

  • The better the bandwidth the better is camera resolution

  • To play your camera you will have to connect it with any third party video player like VLC Player, KM Player, etc.

Once you are done with all these settings you can click on ‘Start Server’ and your old Android Phone is your new security camera monitor.

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