Beware! You are Being Watched

Don’t panic, when you hear that in certain countries you can be watched in the most private zone you desire i.e. bathrooms and dressing rooms. Well this is true that in certain countries government has approved and legalized the process of monitoring the private areas like bathrooms and dressing rooms. This is done because most of the crimes germinate from these areas and to control the crime rate it has become essential to monitor the areas where crime source areas. Installation of hidden surveillance camera systems is in progress throughout the world.

We see people installing home security camera systems and other security devices, so as to secure their home and dear ones from vandalism, theft, violence and other worst possibilities. For outdoor surveillance there are certain outdoor security camera systems that are available with companies like World Eye Cam. People are happy to buy and install them in their balconies and other outdoor areas.

Now the question arises is, how much trustworthy is these wireless security camera systems? There is no answer to this question, but only one precaution and that is to make sure that the agencies use these systems for the better and they are monitored 24×7. A minute of carelessness can lead to one or the other terrorist activity. Apart from this, when it is in practice the government and other agencies should also confirm that these devices are used for the better and security purposes, and should not be used for harassing public.

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