What are Video Analytics?

CCTV Analytics refers to a set of analytical tools that allow users to gather useful data beyond just video or audio footage, for real-time and post forensic analysis. In real-time, users can be alerted to events as they happen either through an alarm or a push notification on their mobile or desktop, and post-event lookup is simple with a plethora of ways to organize and log data. This information can apply to people, vehicles, and static objects, and can be applied in police reporting, used as court evidence, or simply used to enhance safety and productivity.

People & Vehicle Counting

Naturally, this is a great tool for retail, private businesses, transportation, theme parks, and any other business that sees a lot of foot traffic each day.  It is a basic tool that gives a real-time count of the number of people or vehicles coming and going from your property on a daily or even hourly basis.



Heat map analysis (view high / low traffic zones)

The Heat Map option highlights the areas with the highest concentration of people. This information can then be exported into a customized report to assist in business or forensic analysis.





Real time analysis (Missing or unattended objects)

Real-time analysis is a tool that allows users to be alerted to any changes in specific set parameters, such as line-crossing, objects that appear or disappear from these parameters (missing object), and any other changes as defined by lines drawn by the user.  This opens the door to hundreds of useful applications for business owners, manufacturers, transportation authorities, museums protecting valuable objects, and more.

If you’d like more information or you’d like to see some of these products in action, you can do so by visiting here.

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