Why Security Cameras are More Effective Than You Think

Let’s be honest, surveillance cameras don’t always deter crime. However, the vast majority of the time, security cameras do scare away potential criminals and create a safer environment. According to a report by the Urban Institute, when a comprehensive surveillance system is in place and footage is monitored regularly, crime can be prevented. The report showed that in areas with few cameras and slow response times, crime still occurred regularly whereas in areas with many cameras being monitored often, crime was reduced. Basically, if you work the system the system will work for you. It’s not enough to put one camera by your front door and expect that to scare away all potential thieves and vandals. Security cameras should be placed around your property, at all entrances and monitored regularly. Read our quick guide on the best areas to place security cameras to create a safe perimeter here.

One of the biggest, and often overlooked, benefits of having a surveillance system installed on your property is that if and when crime occurs the criminals will be caught on camera which leads to identification and capture much quicker. Getting criminals off the street will obviously create a safer environment but it will also send a message to any potential criminals that your property is off limits. Also, with the new IP and video analytics systems available today users can receive email and text notifications any time suspicious activity is detected. Footage can be viewed remotely from a computer or smart phone so users can determine if there is a threat to their property anytime, from anywhere. This technology allows users to notify police and stop crime before it happens. Being able to scare away or arrest a criminal before they make off with your valuable property is a huge benefit of security cameras.


In addition, surveillance cameras are much more cost effective than hiring security guards to walkthrough your property day and night. Human error is expected but with surveillance systems you will have recorded evidence of an event to review and submit to authorities. Not only are surveillance systems more affordable than hiring several security guards to monitor property, but they are also more reliable.

Don’t leave yourself unprotected; get your surveillance system up and running today. Find the best system for your needs here.



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