What to Look For When Purchasing a Surveillance Camera

Every surveillance camera comes with many special features and it can be difficult to determine which features are really important and what makes one camera stand out above the rest. You want to make sure that when you are investing in a surveillance system that it will truly protect you. If you choose the right surveillance system, then you have a high chance of catching criminals or even stopping crime before it happens. When shopping for a security camera there are few important features that you should be looking for to ensure that you are getting the best camera for your money.

  • Low-Light Viewing- Night is a dangerous time so it is vital that your surveillance camera is able to record clear footage even when it is dark. The lower the lux rating of a camera, the better it can see at night. Also, check if the camera has infrared LEDs. These will provide infrared illumination so your camera can record several feet away even in darkness.
  • Resolution- High resolution is an important part of surveillance. You want to record crystal clear footage so if a crime occurs you have a clear picture of the criminal for police. High resolution cameras can capture small details like license plate numbers or unique characteristics of criminals. Look for cameras with high megapixels around 2, 3 or 5 or a resolution of 720p or 1080p.
  • Viewing Capabilities- Remote viewing via web enabled device allows you to view live footage anytime, anywhere. Most IP security cameras are enabled for remote viewing. You also want the footage recording to a DVR or NVR device so you have a record of events to go back and reference later.
  • Weatherproof/Vandal-Proof– If you plan on using any of the surveillance camera outside, it is important that you make sure they are both weatherproof and vandal-proof so that the camera does not become damaged or lose footage. A security camera’s durability is measured by a set of standards. For it to be vandal-proof it should state that it meets IK10 standards. IK10 means the camera is made of steel and can withstand heavy blows without losing footage. Weatherproof cameras should adhere to IP66 or IP67 standards which state that the camera is resistant to heavy rain and cannot be damaged by dust or dirt particles.

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