What is WDR?

WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range and it allows your surveillance cameras to capture clearer images. It does this by employing a sensor that can record both the brightest portion of an image and the darkest portion of the image. The security camera is then able to record greater scene detail without disruptive shadows and highlights.


The main purpose of WDR is to provide clear images even when the intensity of illumination varies a lot. This happens when there are very bright and very dark areas simultaneously in the camera’s field of view.  The intense back light surrounding a subject is corrected and the ability to distinguish features and shapes on the subject is enhanced. WDR surveillance cameras are especially beneficial in environments with varying light conditions or where light enters various angles. It is especially necessary to use Wide Dynamic Range in settings such as show rooms, restaurants and stores with large glass windows. If you employ the use of non-WDR camera in these environments you will find that the image is washed out during daytime and the shadows prevent viewers from identifying faces and details in the scene.

Wide Dynamic Range is a component of many modern surveillance cameras. It is one of the many components that aid in recording the highest quality video possible. This feature is highly recommended for everyone, especially for environments with bright lights and darks corners such as offices, parking garages and many other locations.


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