What is Video Analytics?

Video Analytics automatically analyzes video to detect events, count people and recognize license plate numbers among many other things. The simplest form of this technology is motion detection. Many surveillance cameras have a motion detection function to save power. More advanced Video Analytics take it a step further and monitor abandoned objects, loitering and traffic flow. This technology is often more reliable than having employees monitor footage manually. Video Analytics software will monitor live footage 24/7 and alert users to abandoned objects or loitering. Pre-recorded footage can be quickly searched for a specific event, face or license plate. This can cut police investigation time way down. While it may take a person hours or even days to comb through surveillance footage, Video Analytics software can find the footage in a matter of minutes. A shorter investigation time means a higher chance of catching criminals.

Retail stores can also use Video Analytics as a tool in creating an effective business process. The software can count people and create a heat map to show which parts of the store are getting the most foot traffic and which areas are being ignored. This can help to create a better store layout and determine which times of day are the busiest for scheduling purposes. Popular attractions often use the software for line management. Video Analytics can alert guards to in-line fighting or to crowds blocking traffic. The guards can then address the situation before it becomes a problem. One of the biggest benefits of Video Analytics is its ability to stop crime before it happens. By detecting abandoned objects, loiterers and crowds, the software is able to alert guards of potential problems so they can investigate.

Video Analytics software works best with high resolution footage so the surveillance cameras used should be high definition with a high megapixel resolution. Using people to monitor surveillance footage day and night can be costly and unreliable. Video Analytics is reliable, easy to use and frees up guards and other employees to focus on more important tasks. This software is a cost effective way to keep your property safe and to aid in creating the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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