What is GV-VMS?

GV-VMS is GeoVision’s latest comprehensive video management system. While some of the older systems cap out at around 32 channels, this version records up to 64 channels of IP cameras. Over 500 IP camera models are compatible with the GV-VMS system. If fisheye cameras are used, the system can de-warp the footage to provide the clearest picture possible. It is also live view and playback capable and footage can be viewed remotely from a PC or smart phone. The layout can be easily adjusted with the drag and drop function. Smart dual streaming allows for simultaneous recording and monitoring. The system supports a multi-monitor display and an advanced video analytics system that allows for precise monitoring and less need for manual monitoring. With video analytics, the system can count people and objects as well as use motion detection and facial recognition. This technology means that the system will do a lot of the work for you and send notifications if there is unusual activity. The video analytics and remote viewing capability allows users to spend more time focusing on other areas of business while still maintaining safety standards.

The resolution with this system is excellent and it supports resolutions from CIF to megapixels. Video recordings can be exported within a specific time frame which enables users to submit footage of a crime to police or insurance companies as evidence. GV-VMS is compatible with Windows burning software so footage can be burned onto a disc if need be. Also, there is no need to worry about losing footage because if there is a recording error an alarm will sound. Users can also set up email notifications to be notified any time an event occurs. There is a pan/tilt/zoom control panel so users can control multiple cameras from one area. To keep the footage and controls secure, there is a multi-level password authentication management system. PCs used with this system will need 8 GB RAM of memory and Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. There is an optional internal USB dongle that can provide the Hardware Watchdog function. The system is also available in over 20 languages. The GV-VMS is a large scale system that works best for expansive properties such as factories, office buildings, department stores and other such locations.

Get more information about GV-VMS here: http://www.worldeyecam.com/64-channel-gv-vms-pro.html

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