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What is FPS?

FPS (Frames per Second) is the number of images your surveillance camera can capture per second. The higher the number of frames per second, the smoother the video will be. The industry standard is 30 FPS and this is what most televisions display at. This frame rate provides a smooth flow of movement but it also captures more frames and therefore creates larger files. The next step down from 30FPS would be 15FPS. The difference between the two is not noticeable to the human eye during playback, however, a higher frame rate makes it easier to pause and capture a very specific time frame. Your system may need to record at a lower frame rate depending on your bandwidth and video quality. While higher frame rates would be needed for monitoring area with fast movement, such as traffic, a lower frame rate is often recommended for slower moving areas. The lower frame rates such as 15FPS is less of a strain on the network and requires less storage capacity but it still provides a smooth image during playback. It is possible to have an FPS below 15 but when going below 15FPS you will notice a create deal of choppiness and uneven playback.

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