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What are LPR Cameras?

License Plate Recognition, or LPR, cameras are surveillance cameras that are equipped with software that uses optical character recognition to read license plates. This can be a very useful tool for monitoring parking lots, gated entrances and traffic. The LPR technology not only helps with monitoring cars on your property but can also assist in indentifying criminals, finding stolen vehicles and controlling entry into your business. This technology has also been used to monitor toll roads for pay-as-you-go systems and also in traffic light surveillance.

The camera will capture video of license plate numbers and store it in a database where it can be compared to other license plate numbers. If it is a flagged license plate then a notice will alert security personnel. We have seen this technology used in gated communities, private businesses and even military bases. If a crime occurs, the video and license plate number can be easily transferred to law enforcement officials. Police and other law officials can review videos of license plates of stolen vehicles or suspected cars in other crimes.


For the best results we recommend using LPR cameras with infrared night vision so that clear images can be capture even in low light conditions. Also, the high definition security cameras make it easier to read license plate numbers and capture clear video. Worldeyecam offers LPR cameras in Analog or IP options. Cameras should be mounted at an appropriate height and in areas where traffic will be slowing as cars approach. Video management software will also be a useful tool with LPR cameras as it will help monitor and manage license plate numbers.

While regular surveillance cameras can help in identifying suspicious vehicles and criminals it can often be difficult to monitor large areas 24/7. The LPR cameras can help effectively monitor multiple areas at all times of the day and night, even if security personnel are not on site. This provides protection and reassurance to customers and employees.

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