Video Security vs. Video Surveillance

In the CCTV world you may hear the terms “video security” and “video surveillance” used in reference to cameras and recorders. These two terms can be used interchangeably in many contexts but there is an important difference between the two that highlights the diversity of CCTV products. While CCTV systems are most often used for security purposes such as deterring theft and catching vandals, they can also be used for non-security surveillance.

Surveillance cameras

Cameras capture visual evidence of events that can be used to help us educate and inform the public, keep people safe and run top tier businesses. We here at WorldEyeCam have sold CCTV systems for monitoring employees, marketing research and monitoring environmental conditions. When used in these contexts we would call it “Video Surveillance,” and when used in the traditional safety context we refer to it as “Video Security.” Many customers even use their systems for both surveillance and security. Of course these terms can be used interchangeably in many circumstances, but it is important to realize that you can utilize your video surveillance system for so much more than just deterring theft.

Refer to our post on “Three Surprising Uses for Surveillance Cameras” to get more ideas on how to use your system. WorldEyeCam is also a proud seller of hidden cameras, body worn cameras and audio surveillance equipment. Whatever your needs may be, WorldEyeCam has the equipment to help.

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