Trend Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

We have scoured reports from industry experts and kept an eye on shopping trends to make our predictions for the video surveillance industry in 2015 and beyond. As you may have suspected, IP surveillance systems are here to stay. Most consumers are converting to high resolution systems such as 1080p and 3-5 megapixels. As high definition and IP systems become more popular, analog systems will become defunct and hard to find. The good news is that as wireless IP surveillance systems become more popular the industry will become more competitive and prices will begin to drop. We are also seeing a trend in users wanting to use fewer cameras to capture the same panoramic view. Rather than having to use multiple cameras to capture every angle of a single field, users are looking for single panoramic cameras like fisheye cameras to capture the same field. Using fewer cameras could also mean a lower price. Another trend that we are seeing as a result of the popularity of IP surveillance systems is an increased use of PoE (power over Ethernet). We are predicting that this will become the preferred cable choice in the coming year.

Video analytics technology is quickly becoming mainstream and more user friendly. We are seeing more and more people becoming interested in incorporating video analytics into their surveillance system. With video analytics, a software system can analyze video to detect suspicious behavior or objects and alert the user when something is found. Video analytics can also scan footage for a specific face or license plate and alert users when it is found. With this technology crimes can actually be stopped before they happen. This is the future of surveillance technology and it will certainly cut down on the number of people who need to be watching monitors at all times.

As we look to the future we are seeing video surveillance technologies continue to develop and streamline. Users want systems that are affordable, effective and make their life easier. Wireless IP systems and video analytics will be a big part of that. Over the next year we predict that we will see the industry turn more towards high definition video and panoramic cameras. Technological developments will continue to add new and exciting elements to the video surveillance world and we will continue to keep our customers on the cutting edge.

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