Three Surprising Uses for Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras can be used for many things other than security. Most people may be surprised to hear of all the different ways surveillance cameras can be beneficial to everyone from researchers to restaurant managers. Cameras capture visual evidence of events that can be used to help us educate and inform the public, keep people safe and run top tier businesses. While most people think of surveillance cameras as being purely a form of security, they can actually be used in a variety of settings for many different reasons. Here are just a few of the ways surveillance cameras can be used that might surprise you.

  • Monitoring Employees- Surveillance cameras allow managers to monitor employees even when they are away. Footage can be viewed remotely from a PC or smart phone so authorized personnel can enforce rules and standards even if they are not physically there. Most businesses have set rules that need to be followed by employees for efficiency, sanitation and customer service. When management is not physically around some employees may flout the rules. With surveillance cameras, managers can keep an eye on employees at all times to ensure that important rules are being followed. It also provides an opportunity to reward employees who are caught going above and beyond the call of duty. Surveillance cameras can also be used to ensure the safety of employees, especially in factories or warehouses. Employees are more likely to adhere to safety guidelines when they know they are being watched by management. If an accident does occur, footage can be reviewed to determine what the cause was and to refute any false claims.
  • Marketing- Retail stores can use surveillance cameras to monitor shopping patterns, traffic flow and test display setups. By analyzing store footage managers can determine which displays draw the most attention or if there is a part of the store that is going unnoticed by customers. They can determine purchasing patterns which will help to understand what products are selling and why. If there is a product that management is trying to push, then knowing the best place in the store to display it is vital information. Viewing how the flow of traffic moves through the store can help to determine where products should be placed and if there are items that are hindering the flow of shopping.
  • Monitoring Wildlife and Environmental Conditions- Cameras are used by officials to monitor surf conditions at beaches for local surf reports as well as to monitor weather patterns and alert the public of any safety issues. Cameras are also used by researchers to observe wildlife in their natural habitats without disrupting or endangering the animals. The footage can be used by scientists to observe hunting and mating patterns or to see if a species’ population is dwindling or thriving. Through these observations, researchers can determine what factors may be impacting wildlife. Time lapse cameras have been used by researchers in a variety of circumstances from monitoring tiger cubs to capturing the first gorilla birth on film.

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