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The New Android App Has More Features than Ever!

The new and improved WorldEyeCam App for Android devices has more features than ever! It allows you to view your surveillance camera footage in real time or playback from anywhere you are. Footage can be viewed in multi-screen mode so that you can monitor multiple cameras and locations at once or you can view footage from a single camera in full screen mode. The app also provides Push Alarms to notify you of specified events such as motion detection.


In addition to being able to view your surveillance footage on the go, you can also configure camera and DVR settings for optimal playback quality. Fisheye de-warping is supported in the newest version of our app which is one of the most exciting features. This feature allows you to de-warp the footage captured by your fisheye security cameras so that you are able to see every detail with total clarity. Other great functions of the App include E-Map and Favorites Group with a simple tap.

If you are looking for an easy and effective way to monitor your surveillance footage on the go then the WorldEyeCam App for Android is the best option for you. Download the latest version today!

Get more info on new Android Apps here.

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