The Benefits of IR Security Cameras

Infrared surveillance cameras have long been used by military, law enforcement and big corporations to protect their property and their people. As IR security cameras are becoming more affordable, they are also becoming more popular for home surveillance. All cameras, especially surveillance cameras, work best with proper illumination. However, with surveillance cameras, discretion is often needed and bright flood lights can give away the location of cameras. For discreet recording at night or in poorly lit areas, IR cameras can be a huge benefit. Infrared illumination cannot be registered as light by the human eye but it can illuminate a scene well enough for a security camera to register. While we perceive the area as being totally dark, the camera with register the light and record clear, black and white images.

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Another incredible benefit of infrared illumination is that they use LED lights that last longer than typical light bulbs and use much less energy. So not only is IR illumination more discreet, but it actually will cost you less than buying and constantly replacing typical lighting. Most modern surveillance cameras will only activate the LEDs when needed so no light or energy is wasted. Many people will opt for Low Lux cameras for use in dark areas. Low Lux cameras are a great solution but they are not able to record in complete darkness, they do require some visible light in order to record. Also, IR light provides better illumination in hazy conditions than traditional, visible lighting does which makes IR cameras a great choice for areas with a lot of fog or pollution. Infrared will also reduce glare from passing headlights or streetlights so nothing will hinder your surveillance footage.

When you need to record clear surveillance footage day and night, IR cameras are the best choice. If something goes bump in the night, simply access your IR camera footage via remote viewing software to get a clear image of your property. IR cameras are the best way to protect your home and get clear surveillance footage anytime of the day or night and in any weather condition.


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