Surveillance for Storage Units

Many people have treasured possessions they keep locked up safe in storage; or at least they hope it’s safe. Self storage units have always been big targets for theft, so before storing your possessions it is imperative that you make sure they will be safe. Just like you protect your home with surveillance and alarms systems, you should also be protecting your storage unit.


The first tip we have for protecting your storage unit is place surveillance cameras in obvious spots where they can be seen by all. While covert surveillance cameras can be beneficial in capturing thieves in the act, visible cameras can actually stop crime before it happens. Placing clearly visible security cameras around your storage unit lets people know someone is watching. Properties with visible surveillance cameras are known to experience less crime than those without.

Another great benefit of surveillance cameras is the remote monitoring featuring. Most modern surveillance systems are able to be monitoring remotely on a computer, tablet or smart phone. This allows users to check up on their property at anytime, from anywhere. With storage units it is unlikely that you will be on-site very often which is why you will want to be able to check up on your items from the comfort of your own home. Remote monitoring can give you peace of mind knowing that your treasure possessions are safe and sound.


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