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Peephole Cameras

One of the most vulnerable spots on your property is the front door. It is the most common entry point for burglars, with 34% of burglars entering through the front door. Front entrances are also vulnerable to vandalism and loitering. For this reason it is vital to keep an eye on your property’s entrance, both in a home and a business. A peephole camera is small and discreet and fits perfecting into your door’s peephole. From the outside no one will be able to tell they are being recorded because there are no visible wires or cables on the exterior of the door. There are peephole cameras that can record crystal clear footage both day and night. With a wide angle lens the surveillance camera will capture not only your threshold but your entire front porch or corridor.

peephole cameras

In addition to capturing and deterring instances of theft and vandalism, peephole cameras can also be used to keep track of who is coming and going from your property. This can be an especially useful tool in offices and retail stores. With many people coming and going from your building all day long it can be useful to keep a visual log of all visitors. This can be used to monitor whether or not employees are keeping to their schedules and following proper procedures. It can also be used to double check if and when a customer came in and how many times they have visited your office. With the discretion of the peephole camera, no one will feel they are “put on the spot” or constantly being monitored.

To record the footage from your camera, simply connect it to a DVR or TV via the included cables. No one on the outside will suspect that your peephole is different than any other standard peephole because there are no wires showing on the outside, only on the interior of the door. Keep a recorded log of faces for reference later or check footage before letting anyone in.

Think of this surveillance camera as a high tech peephole. It provides a better view of visitors who are knocking on your door while also capturing footage of vandals and deliveries. Having issues with your mail or deliveries being damaged? Use the peephole camera to capture footage of the delivery to ensure that your packages are being handled with care. Day and night, have peace of mind knowing your door is being watched even when you are away.

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