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Mobile Surveillance

Mobile surveillance systems such as Dash Cams provide an excellent security solution for all sorts of drivers from cab drivers to teen drivers to long haul truckers. These cameras can be used to monitor traffic, record evidence of an accident and monitor drivers and passengers.

They are a great way to make sure your teen driver or employee is practicing safe driving and with the GPS option you can monitor where they take the vehicle. There are many options to fit your specific needs, from dual lens car security cameras that face inside and outside, to in-car video systems with night vision recording, accident sensors, built-in GPS logging software and more.

mobile surveillance DR650GW-2CH

With mobile surveillance systems you can control unapproved or extended journeys in your company car or private vehicle while also increasing vehicle safety and security. Adding a mobile DVR to a teenager’s car will give you the ability to check in whenever you want, see and hear what is going on, and monitor your teen’s location in real-time with the GPS. This will help your teen make responsible decisions and provide additional safety and peace of mind.

The cameras can also be faced outwards so that they are ready to capture video evidence if an accident occurs. Traffic accidents are a common occurrence especially for drivers with long commutes. When an accident occurs you don’t want to become the victim of false insurance claims or hit and run drivers. Dash cams will capture the entire event, including license plate numbers so you never have to worry about being falsely accused and left with high insurance premiums.

The average daily commute takes nearly an hour. With that much time being spent in the car each day, it is important that you remain safe. If you protect your home and your business with surveillance systems then why not your car? The great thing is that many of these Mobile surveillance systems are affordable and discreet. Browse our many options and contact our support team with any questions.


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