Making Rail Travel Safer

All too often we hear of tragic train derailments and accidents due to human error. Many different ideas have been put forth as to how to hold conductors and engineers more accountable and make rail travel safer. One such idea is installing surveillance cameras in the cab and on the exterior of the train to monitor employees and alert officials of any potential threats. It has been shown that in environments such as restaurants, warehouses and retail stores where employees know they are being monitored via cameras they are more likely to be on their best behavior. Surveillance cameras hold people accountable and create safer environments in a variety of circumstances. It is for this reason that surveillance cameras can be used to make rail travel safer. When train engineers, conductors and other employees know they are being monitored they are more likely to follow safe procedures and be alert. This can deter accidents and keep passengers safer.

making rail travel safer

Also, surveillance cameras can be mounted on the exterior of the train to watch for potential threats such as barriers or debris on the tracks, oncoming trains and other dangers. If the camera footage is being monitored remotely, employees can alert the train engineers of the threat and intervene before it’s too late. Monitoring the footage can also be a useful tool with employees. If employees are not following protocol or appear to be a danger, railroad personnel can contact them immediately to get them back on task. Recorded footage can also be used as evidence for insurance purposes. If an accident does occur, footage can also be analyzed by experts to determine what caused the accident and how to avoid it in the future.

In order to find the best cameras for the job it would be advisable to get an assessment by a professional installer. Due to the mobility and small space of trains it is important that cameras be properly mounted, unobtrusive but still visible so engineers know they are being watched. With technology constantly changing it is best to use an IP system that is easily upgradeable. Since vandalism is a big issue on public transit, it would also be advisable to use vandal-proof cameras with night vision capability.


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