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How Much Hard Drive Space Do You Need?

When purchasing a DVR or NVR one of the most important questions you will be asked is how much hard drive space do you need? It can be difficult to decide exactly how much hard drive space you will need. You don’t want to run out of storage space but you also don’t want to pay for space you won’t use. When deciding exactly how much HDD space you need there are a few things to consider.

Hard drive capacity not only decides how much data you can store but also the quality of the data. The higher resolution you’re recording the more hard drive space you will need. As you already know, high resolution footage is integral in an effective video surveillance system. Keep in mind that you don’t want to sacrifice quality in order to save some HDD space.


You will also want to consider how long you will be recording. For example, will you need to have the security cameras recording 24/7, just on motion or for a specific period of time? The DVR/NVR system must have sufficient storage capacity to address your specific recording needs. The higher the resolution and the longer the recording time, the larger the storage capacity you will need.

One of the biggest benefits of greater HDD capacity comes from enabling longer archival storage. The hard drive will typically record until the disk is full, and then begin overwriting previously recorded footage as the non-stop, constant recording process continues. If you want to avoid having stored footage being overwritten then you will need a larger hard drive.

Sizing the proper storage capacity is one of the most critical objectives in purchasing a surveillance system. It is extremely important to ensure that the amount of storage available for the surveillance system matches your requirements for resolution, frame rate, and number of hours per day.

Use our hard drive calculator to determine exactly how much space you need.

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