Why You Should Get An iMaxCamPro Security Camera System

iMaxCamPro network IP surveillance cameras are at the cutting edge of video surveillance technology. They are quickly becoming the most popular choice for surveillance needs, because they offer high resolution video, reliability, tons of cutting edge features, great pricing and easy installation.

Looking for a camera that is both durable and stylish, that can handle whatever your business needs are? Look no further than the iMaxCamPro.   Whether you need visibility in bright light, low light, no light, or visibility for the transitions in between, iMaxCamPro has you covered. Whether you need to keep watch over your busy shop, safeguard your office corridors, or survey a city for hundreds of feet, iMaxCamPro provides you with the reliable footage you need. Smart features such as face detection, heat mapping, intuitive user interfaces and ONVIF interoperability allow iMaxCamPro cameras to stand among the most universally adoptable, useful security solutions out there. Each product in this series records high resolution video, ranging from 1080p all the way up to the Ultra High-Definition (UHD) 12 MP Camera Series, which provides higher sensitivity and lower noise with 4K real-time monitoring for excellent image performance. There are a variety of styles in this series, from the discreet eyeball security cameras to the auto tracking pan/tilt/zoom security cameras which capture a 360 degree view.

WorldEyeCam is the exclusive retailer of iMaxCamPro IP surveillance cameras. Since 1998, World Eye Cam has been providing reliable, affordable safety and security to everyone, whatever their needs are. We offer a walk in location featuring a beautiful show room for a “try before you buy” experience for everyone, from our big government, hotel and restaurant contracts to our customers needing security for small private homes.

Need help configuring your system? Our unique, free support team is unrivaled. We will walk you step by step through all of the ins and outs of your security camera system. Even our website’s support page is designed with you in mind. We offer the most up-to-date guides and tutorials for you, available 24 hours a day. We also offer LIVE CHAT technical support to answer your questions with just a quick click of the mouse. The best part: both our phone and chat support systems are dealt with by our own in-house, friendly, experienced staff members.

If you are looking for high definition surveillance cameras that are reliable and easy to install, then our iMaxCamPro IP series is for you. So give us a call at (888) 211-2288, or contact our live support today!

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