Effective Outdoor Surveillance

When designing a surveillance system many customers focus on the inside of their property. However, while indoor security is important, achieving an effective outdoor surveillance system is vital to protecting your home or business. Maintaining a safe perimeter around your property can keep out criminals, trespassers and vandals. Due to the many varying conditions in outdoor environments it is important that your security cameras, and their placement, have everything they need for reliable recording. There are four keys to achieving effective outdoor surveillance. From the security camera functions to their placement, we will explain exactly what you need for the most effective outdoor surveillance system.

effective outdoor surveillance

  • IR LEDs– Due to the varying light conditions in outdoor spaces, it is important that you have good IR LEDs for your security cameras. This can be either cameras with IR LEDs or an external LED illuminator mounted near the camera. LEDs work better for video surveillance than porch lights because IR light does not produce a shine or a glare. Also, LEDs use less power than standard light bulbs so you will be saving money in the long run. This lighting will allow your security cameras to record clear images day and night, rain or shine.
  • Durability– In addition to varying light conditions, there also varying weather conditions in outdoor environments. Your security cameras need to be able to withstand rain, wind and extreme temperatures. IP ratings of IP66 or IP67 area ideal for outdoor cameras. A camera with a hooded lens is also a good choice for avoiding glare from direct sunlight. Read more on IP ratings here.
  • Placement of cameras– To ensure that there are no blind spots or unprotected areas around your perimeter it is important that you map out the ideal placement for your security cameras. Place them near entrances and dark pathways as these are the most vulnerable spots to burglars. Pan/tilt/zoom cameras are good for capturing a wide range and motion detection settings can save power while still capturing intruders. Read more on the placement of cameras here.
  • Monitoring software– It isn’t enough just to install the security cameras and leave it at that. You will also need to monitor the footage with effective and helpful monitoring software. The iMaxCamPro app is free to download to any smart phone or tablet and enables users to check their surveillance footage anytime from anywhere. Enable notifications to be notified anytime a specified event occurs. This is an especially useful tool for keeping an eye on your property when you are away. Video analytics is also a helpful tool that is becoming increasingly user friendly. The software can capture license plates, count people and detect abandoned items. Footage can also be searched later to find a specific event.


With these four components you should have the most effective outdoor surveillance system possible. Also, keep in mind that high resolution cameras are always the best way to go. In dark and low light situations images can be fuzzy and hard to see details which make high resolution cameras so important. The higher the resolution the crisper the image which makes it easier to detect faces, license plate numbers and other important details. Feel free to read our blog, browse our online store and contact our tech department for more information about your outdoor surveillance system.


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