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Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance cameras are a very useful tool in a wide variety of settings. These small and discreet cameras can be used to secretly monitor nannies and employees as well as keep your property safe from intruders. The security cameras come in many different styles such as a small bullet design, a peephole camera or hidden in everyday items such as clocks and smoke detectors. They are so discreet that most people will not notice the camera.covert-cameras












The covert cameras are designed to capture movement and behavior without the person knowing. This can be helpful in situations where you suspect that your nanny, employees or neighbors are committing crimes and you want to catch them in the act. You can monitor the camera feeds remotely on a smart phone and tablet and save footage to send to the authorities. If your home does fall victim to crime while you are away you can use the notification alerts as early warnings and contact police. Also, footage can be used as visual evidence to capture and prosecute a criminal.

These cameras offer you a clear vision of the surrounding area even in low light. Worldeyecam carries covert cameras in simple black and white and colored forms. The cost of these cameras varies from an affordable amount of $59 and up.

If you suspect foul play and want to capture it on camera then a covert security camera is the best choice. These small cameras can be placed throughout your home or office and can be easily hidden in flower pots, clocks, walls and more. Browse our full line of covert surveillance products here.

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