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When purchasing your video surveillance equipment it is important that you buy from a company you can trust. In many cases you are spending a lot of money on products that you need to rely on to protect your property and an untrustworthy company may jeopardize that.

Untrustworthy companies or resell sites may sell you used products that have not been properly tested or maintained. Many security products, especially access control items, have a shelf life. If left sitting on a shelf untouched and unused for several years, a products components can go bad causing the product to not work properly. Worldeyecam takes good of their products and makes sure they are sent out in brand new, working condition.


These security companies will be selling you surveillance equipment that goes in your home or private property so it is also important that you feel safe with them. Too often we have heard horror stories of retailers who spy on their clients by maintaining access to their security camera feed. At Worldeyecam we never access your security footage without your express consent for technical support issues. Once you buy a camera from us it’s yours and yours alone.

When spending a large amount of money on a system you understandably want it to work the way you expected. Other companies may have harsh return policies that don’t allow you to return a faulty product. Often times this is because they are pulling a bait and switch operation. At Worldeyecam we go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. We only want to sell the highest quality products to ensure that our customers are happy. We also provide lifetime technical support to anyone who buys one of our products. Unlike other companies or resellers, Worldeyecam will stick by you even after purchase. We can give you advice on installing and troubleshoot any issues you may be having. That is service you won’t get with many other security companies.


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