Build your own Surveillance System Kit!

WorldEyeCam is offering customers the opportunity to design their own surveillance system kit. We know that your surveillance needs are diverse and pre-made kits don’t always work for everyone. With our custom kit builder, users have the opportunity to pick exactly what kind of security cameras, recorders and cables they need. You can mix and match with bullet, box, dome or fisheye cameras so you have everything you need for the most comprehensive video surveillance system. Large spaces like retail stores and office buildings require a variety of security cameras to monitor every corner. You may want pan/tilt/zoom cameras near entrances and discreet dome cameras near registers. We even have options for indoor or outdoor use. It is completely up to you; simply select the security cameras that best fit your needs.kit1












In addition to selecting the cameras of your choice, users can also select a multi-channel recorder with anywhere from 4 channels, all the way up to a 128 channel NVR. Even if you aren’t planning on having more than a few cameras to start out with, you may want to get a recorder with many channels so you can expand your surveillance system without having to replace your expensive DVR/NVR. Once you have selected your recorder, you can also select how much storage you need. If you are going to have multiple cameras recording 24/7 then you will probably require more storage space. However, if you are planning on only recording for short periods of time then you can get away with a smaller hard drive. With options like this you can be sure that you are not over paying for features that you won’t even use. Our kit builder also lets you keep an eye on cost as you go along so if you start going over budget you can go back and pick a more cost effective option. We have options for HD-AVS, HD IP, HD-SDI and GeoVision systems.

WorldEyeCam is also happy to offer top of the line technical support to all our customers. If you have any questions while building your kit, give us a call! We will help walk you through the process and make sure you are getting everything you need at the most affordable price.

Start building your custom surveillance kit today:

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